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“The space that cannot be feminized cannot be depended on” said 12th century poet Ibn Arabi. These are the first words you see as you enter Al Makan. 


Al Makan by the Lighthouse Initiative has been a third space in the heart of Beirut since 2015. It reflects a long-term endeavor that aspires to create a much-needed new cultural dynamic in the region. It is a community hub which promotes our mission to foster a safe and stimulating space for the nourishment of one’s creativity, intellect, curiosity and spirituality. Through exposure to eclectic cultural and artistic programs, our community broadens their horizons and learn to live life imbibed in awareness, receptivity, empathy, and an awakened spirit.

The space is divided into seven main spaces, each room with its own significance and purpose. Al-Dar: hosts our workshops, Al-Khan: our concept store, Al-Mihrab: your escape from the ‘noise’, Al-Majlis: the walls that have echoed the sounds of our esteemed musicians and thinkers, Al-Diwan: the library that holds over 500 curated books, Al-Mashghal, our coworking space and Bayt Al Muni, our self-service kitchen. 


These seven rooms keep us busy and have allowed for our engaging activities

to cater to all members of the community, including art and cultural

events focused on self-expression, inherent dialogue and an unapologetic search and

understanding around Arab identity.

About Us

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